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With more than 30 years of global experience in residential and commercial architecture, Brad Norris founded Norris Architecture in 2003, serving the vibrant markets of Nashville and Miami, along with undertaking national and international projects. His extensive portfolio spans high-end custom residential properties, single and multi-family homes, as well as ventures in retail, education, religious, and commercial office spaces. This wealth of experience not only refined his skills but also provided valuable insights into diverse client needs, enabling the delivery of exceptional value.


In the realm of architectural services, Brad Norris recognizes the pivotal role of adaptability and places a strong emphasis on flexibility and fluidity. His unwavering commitment to understanding each client's unique requirements empowers him to deliver unparalleled personalized service. Norris Architecture, under his leadership, goes beyond adhering to a singular style or period, embracing innovation to ensure a tailored approach to creative home design. As a prominent figure in luxury residential architecture in Nashville and Miami, Brad Norris serves as a testament to the fluid and evolutionary nature of great design. His dedication to personalized service and responsiveness to client needs positions Norris Architecture as a leader in creating homes that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with innovative expression.


Brad's continuous immersion in architectural history propels a forward-thinking perspective, allowing the exploration of new possibilities and means of expression. This results in an architect unbounded by traditional or modern ideologies, guiding clients through a dynamic and creative design process. Each home crafted by Brad Norris reflects the specific needs and desires of its inhabitants, creating spaces filled with warmth, character, and a distinctive, spectacular beauty.


Originating from the scenic landscapes of northern Alabama, Brad Norris discovered his passion for architecture amidst the breathtaking surroundings of Monte Sano State Park. Nestled in its tranquil mountain setting, adorned with spectacular views and natural vistas, Brad's childhood playground instilled in him a deep appreciation for the intricate beauty of the natural environment.


Drawing inspiration from the diverse and complex elements of the forest, Brad aspired to translate this awe-inspiring design into the realm of luxury residential architecture. The rich history of architecture further fueled his creative journey, revealing that irrespective of style or era, all great buildings share a fundamental desire for human expression, echoing the beauty that surrounds us.

About Bradley Norris

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